Our product and our promise to you

Our products

FSX Labs. was conceived & designed to cater to Apple products with a view of combining the tech-luxury of Apple products with more unique and fresh designs truly made for unique individuals. We use design as the foundation of our business.

Through many hours of research and feedback from our team but also our customers and other Apple fans, we now have many designs in many different materials including silicone, nylon, and metal. We employ design across every aspect of our activities and so expect continuous change as we are always trying to discover and set the latest trends and designs. 


We strive to make designs that are unique in their own way yet enhance the uniqueness of the individual. This is simply because we are users too. We want the latest and greatest but always believe that our products have to complement the beauty of the Apple product. 

By placing design at the heart of our product development - rather than just responding to market forces - we strive to truly forge a unique identity. An identity that is carefully nurtured.

The key pillars for our FSX Labs designs are:

  1. Funkiness – Why boring if life can be funky and fun;
  2. Stylish – Our designs have to be simple and stylish but powerful and catered to the uniqueness of the individual;
  3. Xtraordinary – They must stand out from the crowd.


Quality is at the core of everything we do and we want to make sure that our gear is working for you. Every FSX Labs product is inspected from head to toe. If our product doesn't perform, we'll take it back.

Total Satisfaction Promise
We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Would there be any instance where you incur issues with our products, we promise you that we will do anything to solve it and as fast as we can! If you are unhappy with your FSX Labs experience for any reason, let us make things right. We will take ownership of your problem until it is resolved. That's the FSX Labs promise!