Our story

FSX Labs is a London-based startup founded by Will and Paul in early 2016. Though it has only been a year we have grown significantly and we continue to work hard! Go hard or go home right?!

 We believe we are well on our way to becoming a distinctly global company while we embrace traditional local collaborations and connect with new and more global friends. 

Since our launch a mere year ago, we are now available in many countries in the world through offices and partners in London, Berlin, Shanghai and Hong Kong and we aim to continue to bring you the best and most exhilarating products right to your doorstep. 

 It is this global community that sparks our soul. FSX Labs is the natural result of our love for Apple products and our need to express our own individuality. We discovered that more people share the desire for unique high-quality products that are #Funky and #Stylish. With such a large global community we love creating real relationships with our users and understand what they are passionate about and how they like to wear their gear. Today, we do this from our online store that allows us to connect with everyone around the globe.