Slim Gold - Case - FSX Labs
Slim Gold - Case - FSX Labs
Slim Gold - Case - FSX Labs

Slim Gold

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Simplicity is key. Sleek, modern and protective

Our twist

Protect your device and everything inside with our covers specially designed for the iPhone 7. We've pushed the boundaries of what's possible with aåÊslim design while maintaining high levels of protection.

The result

Our covers give you a closer fit than ever before. Nobody likes thick rubbers if you know what we mean. Our cover has an affectionate finish that will have you picking your phone up just to touch it. So get a more intense sensation of your phone and everything you need to make you intimate moments even closer. Ultra Skinny is minimal in every form, except in its safety. With edge dampening shock absorption, your iPhone will be about to take all kinds of knocks.

OuråÊUltra Skinny is the best-#case scenario. #Case closed.